1. Music is an art form, and a noble pursuit.
  2. All genres are valid and worthy. 
  3. We are all musicians. If you can clap your hands or tap your feet you're in the club.
  4. We each have a unique perspective on music, based on personal taste and life experience. Consequently, no two people make the same music.
  5. We learn from each other. Musicians share their knowlege with other musicians.
  6. We support each other. Musicians support the efforts of other musicians.
  7. All skill levels are to be respected and nurtured. We are all on the journey to greater levels of musicianship and expression.
  8. It is important to support the local music scene so that it in turn will support local musicians.
  9. Music does not come from record companies it comes from musicians. Don't let a corporation dictate what you listen to.
  10. Be an avid and wide spectrum listener. Actively listen to lots of music and be willing to listen to different styles and genres. Be critical but keep an open mind.